Employment law and commercial mediation


As a lawyer specialising in employment law I offer advice and representation relating to all questions of individual and collective employment law, both extrajudicially and in the conduct of legal proceedings through all instances. Thanks to my many years of practice in the area of employment law I have gained substantial practical experience in the judicial enforcement of my clients’ claims vis-à-vis their contractual partners. Not least as a result of my former position in the HR department of a large international corporation I have been able to gain wide-ranging experience in dealing with works councils, and I also possess a wealth of experience in dealing with collective employment law. I furthermore provide advice regarding related fields of law, such as social security and service contract law. One of the key areas of my work lies in advising and representing (at executive level) staff and managers on issues relating to employment law and conditions of contract. Finally, I am actively involved in teaching employment law by contributing to publications, giving lectures and speaking on specialist employment law subjects.



As a trained Business mediator I also undertake mediation procedures for my clients in order to settle disputes. For employment law disputes in particular, mediation offers an additional form of dispute settlement. There are more effective and less costly solutions to many disputes than instituting legal proceedings. Conducting mediation procedures allows both employers and employees to save a large proportion of the high direct and indirect costs of legal disputes brought before the courts. A mediation procedure is furthermore characterised by its speed and efficiency. There is frequently no faster method of resolving a dispute. These procedures are confidential and, thanks to the constructive atmosphere of the negotiations, also allow business and working relationships to continue once the mediation procedure has ended.